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1 LB Pure Maple Cream
Made from our early season Medium Amber maple syrup. Maple cream is made from boiling maple syrup to a certain temperature and then rapidly cooled to give you a treat that most can"t resist. So smooth and delicious. Only about 5 percent of our maple crop qualifies for making maple cream. For those of you who already know how tasty pure maple candy is, you can look no further. Our maple cream is made from nothing more than pure maple syrup. No preservatives or additives. Just 100 percent pure all natural Vermont maple syrup. Shipping is $6.35
Price: $14.95
Ultimate Vermont Maple Sampler
-2.5 oz Shaker of our famous Maple rub. A simple concoction of over 80% maple sugar combined with pepper, garlic powder, and salt. -3.0 oz Shaker of delicious maple sprinkles. These are a delicious delicacy from making maple sugar. -7.5 oz Shaker of pure maple sugar. Sprinkle this stuff on toast, ice cream or even use it as an all natural sweetener for coffee. -2.0 oz Vermont Shaped Pure maple candy. -8.0 oz Jar of pure maple cream. -18 oz tin container of pure VT maple syrup. It will come in grade A Medium Amber unless otherwise requested.
Price: $39.95
Pure Maple Candy
This auction is for a 2.0 oz maple candy made from our pure Vermont maple syrup. This particular candy comes in the shape of Vermont. Makes a great gift or wedding favor. It also makes one nutritious and tasty treat. Made from nothing more than pure maple syrup. No additives or preservatives. Made from our early season medium amber to give you the smoothest most delectable tasting maple candy possible.
Price: $3.95